Peoples comments after Flip Flow Workshop/Sessions, which we gave at summer-festivals or in weekend-workshops

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‘Singles’ at the family-workshop Flip Flow
I never felt confident to interact or even approach children, I did not know how to deal with them, what was okay and understandable for them and what not, also how I could read/understand them and respond appropriately. These Flip Flow sessions have really helped me with this and brought me a lot of ease, joy and options for my behaviour. It’s so great to feel so much closer to kids now!
~ a young woman, in a couple-relationship since years

It was impressive to experience how Bea and Cristof were guiding this session with so many diverse families. They created a save space where people got in touch with each other and a taste of community emerged.
They do a truly fundamental work with great passion. I wish many people will get to know them and Flip Flow.
~ elder woman

it’s cool that I could teach some judo to the others
~ a teenager, referring to another teenager and a 9 year old (in a session which included a baby, toddlers and other kids as well)

Parents at the family-workshop Flip Flow
After the flip flow session it was like I got back a different child! My daughter who is usually always running around got so calm and was listening to me surprisingly attentive.
~ a mother of a little daughter

I never thought this could be possible! When I was caring for & hugging the younger one of my two sons, his older brother was hugging us! Usually he was always jealous, going between us and making trouble when I or my wife turned our attention to his younger brother.
~ a father of 2 young sons

I thought I’m parenting very flexible – during the flip flow I noticed how much I’m verbally controlling my children – and first I was quite disappointed and sad about it, but Cristof and Bea were guiding the session in a way that gave me the chance to turn my frustration into inspiration to find new ways how to communicate.
~ a mother of 2 young daughters

It was great to move freely with my wife and our little son and time after time leaving the family space to dance contact with the other participants.
Bea and Cristof provided clear frames to create a playful and free movement session for us all.
~ a father of a little son

I’m most of the time alone with my 3 children – in the beginning of the Flip Flow I got very insecure, if it is the right place for us, because all of my children were fighting to get my attention, which made it very difficult to focus and follow the flow of the workshop – anyways the workshop gave us such a structure, where it was possible for me to be myself and pay attention in a new way and my kids started to fight less and play more with each other – a new behaviour..
~ a mother of a baby and 2 kids

My usually shy and insecure daughter, who has coordination and balance problems, tried out movements which I never saw her doing before. I was surprised how she played with falling .. and got back up without requesting or expecting my help
in this session she was not avoiding from falling and getting in touch with other people without my intervention – it helped me to look at her with new eyes, trust in her and see her how she is.
~ a mother of a young daughter

I was in different movement therapies, unsuccessfully trying to help my rather passive little son to catch up movement patterns which he skipped in his development – now I’m so happy, because in the Flip-Flow session these movements surprisingly happened spontaneously and since then he is rolling and crawling a lot and obviously enjoys to move.
~ a mother of a young son

My introvert child showed initiative behaviour and started to make contact with other children and Cristof, who is an unfamiliar grownup (!) – usually she is hiding behind me when we meet with others and not even telling her name. Today I saw her talking to others, interacting with body-contact and even initiating games.
~ a mother of a little daughter

often I’m tolerating situations too long and then I’m talking in a frustrated / upset way – I learned some new ways how to express my needs to my kids and set boundaries in time peacefully, so my kids can respect them with ease.
~ a father of 2 kids

It was liberating to play like a child and it was so beautiful to see how my small son is having fun with older and younger children. It’s very rare to see him interact with other age-groups.

Today is the first time my son used a toilet away from home.
~ a mother of a son and a daughter

Regarding the project “Art & Performance 4 socio ecological Evolution

letter 1

Hey, although it’s been a long time since we enjoyed the workshop it was a truly unique with lots of memories in my mind. So here is my little feedback:
These two days were really inspiring and “open-hearting”. Of course the sessions, games, dancing were really nice and enjoying but the thing that was really new to me (and I have to say that I really liked it) was how this (whole) family worked together while appreciating the one its other. I remember Bea guiding a meditation while breastfeeding. She respected her child’s need while it respected her need to work. For me this is one of the keys for a happy family. If a parent stops doing what he/she loves to do (except from being a parent of course) she/he will no longer be able to be 100% him/herself, a small piece of you will be missing . And if you are not a fully happy person how could you be a fully happy parent?
In addition I remember Cristof playing the ball game with one hand, because on the other hand he held his little baby. “Oh my gosh” I thought “and what if the ball hits the baby?” “What if…”. Nothing of all these happened because the parent didn’t thought of it. He trusted himself and when the time comes he will trust his child. And this will make kids with self-confidence. “Well I have to work things on overprotection before I have my kids” I though. And I thought and felt lots of thoughts and emotions during these days. For me as a pedagogue and a women that was really amazing. Thank you and keep working your good job as artists and members of a family.

and letter 2

Hello guys!! so happy hearing from you!!! although I have forgotten how to write in English, I will try to express my feelings about the session: it was breath taking seeing a parent with his little child in his arms in this workshop!! firstly I couldn’t understand how the kids could be able to be part of all this exciting journey. but in very few minutes, I recognized that with the specific treatment from their parents-I mean all the love and protection and all the need of their side to have their family together and discover beautiful ways to communicate with each other- I stopped doubting! I recognized that there is no difference between bringing to workshop a good friend with whom I want to work and communicate in artist way and between bringing my child and connect with it and feel it and let it feel me in those different ways! Furthermore, as a child of divorced parents, your choice guys, your choice to have your family together, to open your children to YOUR experience, to give them the opportunity to work with you, to PLAY with you, ‘touched’ me so deeply. I truly believe that children have so many things to take so many things to gain from this process: to build a strong relationship with the parent which is the most important in life in these young ages, to start feeling their bodies in a protected area- I mean in parents arms- to get close to music, to relaxation, and finally to be comfortable in touching others, in letting themselves in others and being able to hear in a deeper way themselves. i wish I could be able to express how I felt in a more expressive way, because this workshop really really meant so much for me in a psychological way and finally in a human way! It was so unique, your idea, your choice. I wish every parent could be able to understand how important is for the nutrition of the child to take part in artistic activities with their parents in these little ages. keep going and keep inspiring people with your example!!