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Enjoying yourself, your movements and your time with your family

It is possible : ) We need nothing more than our bodies, floor and space.
Easy to follow guidelines and little games evoke the necessary focus and attention and here we are: present and pleasant together.
Everyone and every movement is beautiful – feeling fine, is what it’s all about.

Building authentic fitness, for yourself and for your interaction

Moving in improvised interaction with your kids, spouse and others will train you on many levels!

As you follow your impulses and intuition, moving careful continuous and spontaneous, your body will enjoy strengthening of muscles, stabilizing of joints and stretching of tendons in ways which are more relevant and enriching for your everyday life movements.

This approach honours the bodies fascia system, which is connecting all organs and body parts and therefore stimulates and trains the body functionally as a whole.
Since it is also playing a big role in processing feelings and memories might be one of the reasons for the emotional refreshment and ease that usually comes with the session.
Finally we gain non-verbal communication and interaction fitness in terms of supporting to discover and transform behaviour-patterns in playful and surprising ways – sometimes spontaneous, sometimes due to continuous practise.

Last but not least, your mind will get to draw some aha-moments and inspiration from these individual and interactive experiences and witness how fantastic, light and rich life can be as we open up to work with the whole (not just the tip) of the iceberg.

Practising pleasant presence by spending time with intention and feeling good is building skills and resources to handle challenges in creative ways.

Especially if on one hand you want to be responsible for your children, protecting them from danger and introducing them to community and society – and on the other hand you don’t want to limit your children, by protecting them from things that are unresolved experiences within yourself.

If you want to increase the chance that your children will not just survive in the culture of our society, but actively set impulses and shape it to make it more enjoyable, fair and sustainable.

To recover from heritaged & personal ‘limiting’ experiences, we follow a practice that seems to be older than humankind.

The enjoyable ingredients

Our sessions open time & space for a colorful & playful combination inspired by

  1. Contact Improvisation Dance
  2. Non-Violent Communication
  3. Multi Modal Art Therapy

You might find yourself in..

cuddling, tussling, rolling, running
.. movement, power and relaxation for the body

sounding, noising, voicing, screaming
.. vibrations within ourselves, the others and the space

yawning, shaking, crying, laughing
.. release and integration of emotions

listening, talking, understanding, feeling
.. reflection and sharing to link experience-mind & abstract-mind

What we Do – the Practice:

We practice to remember and follow the native guidelines for interaction and communication, which are naturally understood, applied and followed by children (until we or others teach them different behaviour).

We aim to find the balance of being a real role-model, that:

  1. guides the child when necessary,
  2. accepts the lessons that the child has for the role-model, and
  3. improves the role-models ability to distinguish 1. and 2. – which often appear together at once!

These guidelines for interaction and communication can be described as nonverbal, nonviolent and intuitive. They are based on opening channels of perception like observing and feeling movement, body-language, subtle sensations of touch & tensions, space & position. This practice gives us the choice to listen to the messages(with their emotional component) which are transported in these empathic ways.

Why we do it – Reasons

the big vision

The aim is to support the culture of nonviolent, interaction and communication, full of attention and transparency. We would like to live in a community and society that supports their members to live happy and contribute what they are passionate about and how it fits to them individually and temporary.

Part of such an open and free culture is of course the introduction and upbringing of its members. Therefore this culture has to be especially sensitive, meaningful and sensible in its interaction with pregnant parents (fathers included!), newborn and growing children.
Of course the practice with the 3 mentioned above, makes it easy to behave in the same respectful & supportive way with other members of the society and last but not least: oneself !

the caring and healing

Verbal memory goes back to when we started to talk (and to deal with experiences, it only had our rational language & explaining skills, which we had back then!)

We also memorize in other ways, since conception and until we die: experiences are ‘saved’ and put in relation to make at least some kind of sense, through the subtle qualities of movement, touch, position/space-sensation and emotions.

subtle healing – These very old (but also younger) memories (and conclusions about reality & ourself) can be reached through these subtle channels of nonverbal communication.
In the practice of Flip Flow everyone works on these individual issues, in such a gentle & subtle way that it can not even be called a therapy, because in fact we just play : )

Anyways: with practice, the playfulness & joy spreads into our everyday life & interactions in the same subtle way.

caring for the (inner) child – The stunning thing is, that practicing communication with our youngest, helps us listening to & understanding ourselves, because our needs, emotions & empathy(!) usually communicate to us with a quiet voice, or in nonverbal ways (through physical sensations of movement, space, touch/tension) just like our children.

preventing damage & finding a new future now

As we get familiar with these nonviolent, playful and communion focused ways  of interaction & communication..

  • we are preserving & recovering the purity of our children & people
    we know that our children (& people) will ‘soak it up’ and integrate our new daily behaviour as the (skilled & fruitful) standard strategy/pattern for interaction (which is beneficial to their individual life – and also to the rise of the new culture!)
  • we find satisfying solutions now
    we are often surprised how collaborative solutions reveal themselves whenever we remember and follow the practice in everyday life. As we learn to care for & communicate about your own feelings & needs transparently and with the patience and time it takes to express them and to analyze and reflect the situation, two things can happen:
    1. unexpected understanding & supportive behavior can be shown by the child
    2. we come up with a more clever solution for the situation -> we can ask something from the child which is easier for it to contribute.

Join us in the practice!

Fill in and submit the contact-form to us and we will let you know if we are in your area or if we can travel to you!

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