kick-off week ~ a success

family + art & performance + social evolution + inner transformation + community

our last-years-journey of online-communication (building team-internal relationship, trust and the project – between Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Austria and Hungary) has finally taken us on a real geographical journey to Greece.

..and of course also emotional-, group-dynamic- & social-journeys revealed themselves and requested us to walk them, step by step, through pleasant and challenging territories.

..a strong beginning..

thank you everyone!

BChl in studio

The 2 intensive Workshops ~multidisciplinary OPEN SESSIONS~ were completed in Thessaloniki and it was an absolutely unique experience !!
Thank you everyone for attending and most of all thank you for your heart sharing and your faith and encouragement for our work!

The week of our “Art & Performance 4 socio ecological Evolution” partnership was completed, fully including the children of the artist’s, touching new approaches to work-and-live and with such self-changing creative challenges already.

It had a huge variety of practice, emotions, ideas, breakthroughs and much more of this is to come in the future!

Aliki Dourmazer: “Thank you all team for your risk taking, your passion and your love. I feel honoured to be part of this. Soon we will be back with the gathering of the material of this first stage of the research and creative process. Cristof Jellinek , Fórizs Bea, Hayam, Linnja and Solveig Södahl may we walk this road well.”