Welcome in the LiveLoveFull Community!

LIVE – follow what makes you feel alive and what supports life.

LOVE – find it and put it into the little and big things in life. grow beyond yourself

FULL – without compromise, and on the mission to ‘push the edge’, learning more. considering how everything is connected

Living with kids and with compassion for the world touches many topics and aspects of life.

Check out what we’re taking into account..
..find inspiration and practical stuff in our Library..
..follow our example by applying what you find useful, and share it with who would appreciate it {who likes spam?}..
..contact us if you have questions or want to make projects with us (or to encourage or criticise us)..
..and help yourself to our offers, if you want more direct experience!

Our 3 project-spheres..
[Flip-Flow Family Impro Fittness]
[Mind’N’Core Movement Program]
[criStove Permaculture initiatives]
…are practical, sustainable and family friendly. We offer online and live courses, coaching sessions, workshops, celebrations and retreats. Activities of the areas can be combined.

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  1. exciting. inspiring. Well done with the first step of going online! heaps of hugs to all of you. I’ll watch you from the distance <3

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