preperations quick, random, incomplete update: “what happened so far” ~ & ~ grandmothers & fathers performance

riend asked us if there will be a blog, makig it easy for her to have some idea how we are doing on our journey and stay abroad.. it is.

34 hours trip(avoiding highways) is devided into junks of 3 hours (maximum 4) ..quiet easy with google-maps I confess

my father posts a lovely performance

I start contacting couchsurfers along our route, if we can stay at their place over night

and just before the middle of the night my grandmother comes up the stairs to tell us, she can’t sleep imagining us traveling on country-roads..

..we have a lot of crazy fun conversation with her about how many sins she pays off while living with us.. and that she must have earned some ‘carmic vouchers’ already .. we tell her how we know this feeling since we’re dealing with our child -> that makes her tell how she payed her dues when dealing with me(when I was a baby) ..which adds even more fun and humor to the conversation

..she offers us to pay the highway-fees for us – and leaves us with a feeling that makes us want to spend more time with her

.. ah yes.. so I might reschedule the trip and find new couches .. we’ll see ; )

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